3 Best Soundbars under $200 in Canada (2024)

You just clicked the right page if you are looking for the best soundbars under $200. You can make yourself experience an immersive and indulging sound while you watch movies or play games that too at an affordable price. Out of the huge variety of options available, which might confuse you on which soundbar to purchase, we have shortlisted the best ones that are worth their price.

So you do not need to worry if your TV or console is not offering you the sound quality you desire because upgrading the sound system is not going to be difficult or expensive when you have our list of the best soundbars under $200. Let’s get more informed on these soundbars. To know about soundbars that are more feature-loaded, read about the Best Smartwatches under $150.

How we picked the best soundbars under $200

To pick the best soundbars you need to take into consideration both the features offered by the soundbar as well as your requirements. We have summarised some important points that you need to keep a check on when purchasing a soundbar.

Size and Placement:

Once you decide where you’ll be placing the soundbar, you will get an idea of the size of the soundbar you should buy that will suit your requirements. Depending on your liking, a soundbar can be placed under the TV, on a tabletop or even mounted on a wall.

Sound quality:

The sound quality offered by a soundbar is of great importance as it must be able to fulfill our requirement of upgrading the sound of our TV or other devices. Make sure that the soundbar sounds good for different types of content like movies, music, and games.


Make sure that ample connections are offered. In the case of budget soundbars, check for the HDMI, USB, and optical ports being featured on the soundbar. Also, check for the more-convenient wireless connectivity options offered like Bluetooth.

Other Features:

If you want a more powerful bass, prefer soundbars that come with a separate subwoofer. A soundbar that offers sound adjustment options has more chances to suit your music sense. Soundbars that offer optimization features are recommended.

These are the best soundbars under $200 in Canada

Soundbar’s NameChannelWeightPrice
Sony S200F2.13.38 kgCurrent Price
LG SN42.12.09 kgCurrent Price
Samsung B450 2.13 kgCurrent Price

1. Sony S200F

Best Soundbars under $200

Current Price

One of the best soundbars under $200 is the Sony S200F which will enhance your listening experience. This is a 2.1-channel soundbar but it does not come with a separate subwoofer, making it more compact. However, a built-in sub-woofer is offered. A good choice of connectivity options is offered on this soundbar which includes ports like HDMI, USB and optical, and Bluetooth. This gives you the flexibility to stream music from your smartphone or even play it directly from a USB storage drive.


  • Performs well at high volumes.
  • Compact build.
  • Decent connectivity options.
  • Easy set-up.


  • Average bass.


Connectivity:1 x HDMI, 1 x optical, 1 x USB, Bluetooth
Dolby Atmos:No
Voice Control:No
Dimensions:64.45 x 16.03 x 17.78 cm
Weight:3.38 kg

2. LG SN4


Current Price

If you are looking for an affordable soundbar that offers rich bass, then the LG SN4 is a great choice which comes along with a separate sub-woofer. Whether you are listening to music or dialogue, this soundbar automatically optimizes the sound for the best output. For connecting this soundbar wirelessly to your smartphone and letting you stream music from it, Bluetooth is offered. Other than that, the ports offered include an HDMI ARC, an optical, and a USB. This soundbar is, indeed, one of the best soundbars under $200.


  • Decent performance.
  • Well-built.
  • Offers sound optimization.


  • Suitable for small rooms only.


Connectivity:1 x HDMI, 1 x optical, 1 x USB, Bluetooth
Dolby Atmos:No
Voice Control:No
Dimensions:88.9 x 8.51 x 5.69 cm
Weight:2.09 kg

3. Samsung B450 

Samsung B450

Current Price

We have also put the Samsung B450 on our list of the best soundbars under $200. You can use this soundbar for playing different types of content as it features sound optimization. Moreover, this soundbar can be a good choice for the ones who want a budget-friendly soundbar for gaming as it comes with a special game mode. This soundbar features a sleek build and comes paired with a wireless subwoofer. However, it somewhat lags behind in surround sound performance but we do not expect much for its price.


  • Offers bass and treble adjustments.
  • Gets loud.
  • Dialogue-enhancement feature available.


  • Average surround sound performance.
  • Lacjks graphic EQ.


Connectivity:1 x optical, 1 x USB, Bluetooth
Dolby Atmos:No
Voice Control:No
Dimensions:7.5 x 85.8 x 5.9 cm
Weight:3 kg

FAQs about the best soundbars under $200

Which are the best soundbars under $200?

Affordable and well-performing, the Sony S200F, the LG SN4, and the Samsung B450 are some of the best soundbars under $200.

Can I play music from my USB storage drive on a soundbar?

If the soundbar offers a USB input port, you can play music on it directly from your USB storage drive. Soundbars that offer USB input include the Sony S200F and the LG SN4.

Are soundbars with built-in subwoofers worth purchasing?

For an entry-level soundbar, you may consider an in-built subwoofer. But it is better to get a soundbar that comes with a separate subwoofer as it will deliver a more powerful bass.

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