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Best Earphones under $30 in Canada

If you are looking for the best earphones under $30 in Canada then you will know that you can get an excellent pair of earphones at this price range. The best earphones can provide you with a secure fit, and snugness as they have a better ergonomic design. Earphones are a convenient choice for music lovers. They can also be a good choice for gamers. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Best earphones under $30 in Canada summary

Earphones NameBuying Guide
Sony MDREX155APBuy from Amazon
KZ ESX PROBuy from Amazon
Panasonic Wired EarphonesBuy from Amazon
KZ ZSN ProBuy from Amazon
Skullcandy (S2MEY-L634)Buy from Amazon

Best earphones under $30 list

1. Sony MDREX155AP earphones

Current Price

We have Sony MDREX155AP in the first place on our list of best earphones under 30. These earphones come with 9mm neodymium drivers that deliver excellent sound. You will be able to listen to your favorite tracks with a clear and balanced sound.

They fit comfortably in the ears thanks to their secure-fitting silicone earbuds. You can enjoy movies and songs for long hours without hurting your ears. These earphones are ultra-lightweight; weigh just 3.1 grams. They have an integrated calling and voice chat for playing online multiplayer games.

Overall, these earbuds are one of the best choices at this price. The only thing to complain about these earphones is they have a little low bass. If you are using them after high bass earphones then you might feel the difference.

2. KZ ESX PRO earphones

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The KZ EDX PRO earphones equipped with 10mm drivers deliver amazing sound with a good amount of punchy bass. These earphones have a very unique design that will certainly fascinate you. The stylish design of the earphones highlights the extraordinary texture. These full of beauty and fashionable earphones could be the best deal for you.

The ergonomic and lightweight design of the earphones make them comfortable to wear. The PU memory ear hook provides stability to wear. The earphones are good to handle external noise while talking on calls. They come with 3 different sizes of ear tips, you can use any of them according to your comfort. Overall, these earphones are good-looking, lightweight, comfortable, and made of better quality.

3. Panasonic Wired Earphones

Panasonic Wired Earphones

Current Price

The next earphones we have are Panasonic earphones. With multiple color options, these earphones are a good choice to buy at a cheaper price. The drivers of the earphones work great and deliver detailed sound with punchy and loud bass. The build quality looks fine, they look long-lasting.

These Panasonic earphones come in 7 different colors; Black, Blue, White, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Yellow. They are ultra-lightweight and weigh just 2.83 grams. Sometimes you will forget that you are wearing them. Although they were launched way before, they are a good option to buy them now.

4. KZ ZSN Pro

Linsoul KZ ZSN Pro

Current Price

KZ earphones are known for their unique design and shape. The KZ ZSN Pro earphones also come with a unique design and shape that looks completely different from other earphones available on the market. These earphones deliver a nice amount of detail without sacrificing bass response.

The 10mm drivers deliver quality and detailed sound. These earphones are comfortable to use for a long time wearing experience thanks to the ergonomic design of the earphones. Surround noise will not disturb you while calling or enjoying your favorite tracks thanks to the amazing noise-canceling function of up to 26dB reduction

5. Skullcandy (S2MEY-L634)

Skullcandy (S2MEY-L634)

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The Skullcandy earphones give you a large number of colors to choose from. They come in 7 different colors. You can use these earphones in the gym or while doing exercise in hot summer thanks as they are IPX4 sweat and water-resistant.

The noise isolation provides you with a silent environment to cut yourself off from the world. These earphones are a good choice to purchase with good sound quality and a lightweight design. You can wear them for all-day without hurting your ear at all. They are super comfortable

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