Top 5 Best TV under $600 in Canada (2023)

The television is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a home, and its significance cannot be overstated. When buying a television, one should be cautious. We’ve compiled a list of the finest TVs under $600 so you can find one that fulfils all of your criteria and demands. The best TV under $600 does not make you feel like you need to spend a lot of money on a high-end television. For less than $600, you can get a fantastic television. The days of spending a lot of money on a good television are long gone. You might also like Best TV under $500

These are the best TV under $600 in Canada

  • Samsung TU7000 43 inches
  • LG 50UP7000 50 inches
  • Samsung AU8000 43 inches
  • Amazon Fire TV 50 inches
  • TCL Class 4-Series 55 inches

1. Samsung TU7000 43 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

Best TV under $600

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For under $600, the Samsung TU7000 Smart TV is the Best TV under $600. This television has a 45-inch display with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution. This Samsung gadget has fantastic design and build quality. The sleek, minimalistic appearance of the smart TV transports you to a purely cinematic experience, allowing you to focus on the image rather than the screen.

The Crystal Processor 4K in the TU7000 employs a single chip to arrange colour, improve contrast, master HDR, and High-Dynamic Range so that you can see stunning detail in every scene. The refresh rate of the Smart television is 60 Hz, which is adequate. It’s an excellent value television that provides acceptable performance for the money; plus, everything about it is terrific, from the sharp display to the image and sound quality.

2. LG 50UP7000 50 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

Best TV under $600

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On our list of Best TV under $600, LG is another fantastic television for our good experience and a lot of features. The television’s visual quality is exceptional, with a Real 4K Display and Active High Dynamic Range that delivers exceptional clarity and rich colour and contrast. Furthermore, the camera’s TruMotion 120 and Quad-Core processing decrease blur and sharpen details.

Hundreds of apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV+, Disney+, Prime Video, LG Channels, and more, are accessible through LG’s Smart webOS6.0. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Airplay 2 are all compatible. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity are frequently available.

3. Samsung AU8000 43 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

Samsung AU8000 43 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

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Samsung  AU8000 is dedicated to providing you with access to a world of material beyond streaming, so you can schedule recordings, search, and play games, all while connecting to more devices around your house. The smart TV provides a different level of UHD with sophisticated phosphor technology. You become completely immersed in the image, which has a billion different shades of colour. Dynamic Crystal Color produces lifelike fluctuations, allowing you to notice even the smallest details. The content you love will be upscaled to 4K resolution thanks to powerful 4K upscaling. Overall, a decent and enjoyable television show.

4. Amazon Fire TV 50 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

Amazon Fire TV 50 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

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The Amazon Fire TV is ranked fourth among the best TV under $600. When compared to 1080p Full HD, the smart TV has good picture quality that leaps out the screen with 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, and HLG delivering a crisper and more colourful picture with brighter colours.

It has over 500,000 movies and TV episodes available to stream. The three HDMI inputs can be used to connect to cable or satellite boxes as well as video game consoles. You can use the HDMI eARC to connect audio equipment for better sound. New Alexa skills, features, smart home capabilities, and speech functions are being added to the Android television. It’s a good TV with a lot of interesting features.

5. TCL Class 4-Series 55 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

TCL Class 4-Series 55 inches 4K Ultra HD TV

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With a slim chassis that exudes a sense of beauty and peace beyond your wildest dreams, the TCL 65″ Class 4-Series earns the final spot. In reality, it achieves a beautiful balance of function and thinness, making it both simple and elegant. For more clarity and detail, the Android TV boasts four times the resolution of a Full HD television. Immersive audio that is both rich and powerful is included on television.

The TCL Android TV 4-Series 4K Series provides crystal clear sound quality thanks to its Dolby Audio upgrade. Request that the Google Assistant combs through the vast amount of data to come up with new entertainment choices. From Google Play, YouTube, and your favourite apps, you can stream over 700,000 movies and episodes.

FAQs about the best TV under $600

Which is the best TV under $600?

One of the best TV that you can get for under $600 is the Samsung TU7000 43 inches. This TV has an attractive build and offers very good picture quality.

Which are the top 5 TVs under $600?

The top 5 TVs under $600 include the following:
1. Samsung TU7000 43 inches
2. LG 50UP7000 50 inches
3. Samsung AU8000 43 inches
4. Amazon Fire TV 50 inches
5. TCL Class 4-Series 55 inches

What is an HDR TV?

A TV with HDR technology offers a wide range of colours and high levels of brightness to improve the overall picture quality.


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