Best TV under $1000

7 Best TV under $1000 in Canada (2023)

The fact that technology is continually evolving is one of the first trends that will affect the future of television. One thing to keep in mind is that providers should not only concentrate on different platforms but also be aware of the various displays on which consumers like to watch television. Television is unquestionably one of the most powerful powers of our era. You may watch news, sports, entertainment, information, and ads on a television set, also known as a TV.

There are an increasing number of Best TV under $1000, which are highly captivating. Many brands, like TCL or Hisense, focus on providing budget-friendly solutions, so buying one of these TVs is typically a good idea. You might also like this article on Best TV under $1500 if you can spend more. Now let’s get into our list.

These are the best TV under $1000 in Canada

Bluetooth SpeakerScreen SizeResolutionPrice
Samsung Q60B55 inches4K Ultra HDCurrent Price
Sony X85J TV50 inches4K Ultra HDCurrent Price
Samsung Q60A55 inches4K Ultra HDCurrent Price
TCL 4K UHD TV65 inches4K Ultra HDCurrent Price
Samsung TU700065 inches4K Ultra HDCurrent Price
Hisense 65U68G65 inches4K Ultra HDCurrent Price
LG 65UP700065 inches4K Ultra HDCurrent Price

1. Samsung Q60B

Samsung Q60B

Current Price

One of the best TV under 1000 is the Q60B from Samsung. It is a 55-inch TV which comes equipped with QLED technology that enables it to deliver a great contrast ratio with deeper and more uniform blacks. In addition, the 4K Ultra HD technology upscales even low-resolution content very well delivering the best picture quality, though the viewing angles may not be the best.

This TV also features Motion Xcelerator to enhance the frame rate. However, motion blur is still observed at times while watching fast-moving content. On the brighter side, this TV features Quantum Dot which helps in delivering vivid colours even if the brightness is set to higher levels. Quantum HDR further enhances the colour, contrast and details of the picture displayed on this TV.

Speaking of the sound quality, this TV lets you completely indulge in the movies or shows you are watching by offering 3D surround sound. The build quality of this TV is also appreciable as it is sleek and simple. It has a plastic build which does not feel cheap. The stand is also made up of plastic but it is quite wobbly. The display comes with thin bezels which adds more to the looks of the TV.

This TV comes with Samsung’s Smart Hub which lets you stream movies, shows and games. It also offers three modes including Media, Game and Ambient to optimise the TV in a way so that it delivers the best picture for the different types of content. This TV can be considered if you are into moderate gaming but is not a very good option for high-frame-rate games.


  • High contrast with deep blacks
  • Upscales low-resolution content well
  • Good peak brightness levels
  • Easy-to-use smart platform


  • Poor viewing angles
  • Motion blur

2. Sony X85J

Best TV under $1000

Current Price

The Sony X85J 50-inch TV has a simple yet appealing design. If you mount them on the wall, the inputs are on the side, which is convenient. The X85J is intelligent, powerful, and attractive, and it’s ready for all of your favourite entertainment. This TV is always up to date with what’s going on in the real world.

Fast-moving action moments in sports and movies can be seen with vivid clarity thanks to Motionflow XR technology and the native 120Hz refresh rate display. It reproduces more colours than a traditional television by expanding the colour spectrum. It analyses and processes data in each image to make colours even more realistic and exact, resulting in picture quality closer to real-life than ever before.

With HDR and Dolby Vision, it offers astonishing detail and colour. Furthermore, the TV’s Ultra-high resolution and HDR video content work together to provide spectacular detail, colour, and contrast to whatever you watch while maintaining a far broader range of brightness.

The Sony X85J 50-inch TV Smart TV brings you the finest of everything in this new era of television and will make you fall in love with its outstanding features. Relax and enjoy all of your favourite content with a 4K upscaling TV that adapts to provide you with the best image possible.


  • Great contrast ratio
  • Great performance
  • Efficiently upgrades low-resolution content


  • Slight stuttering is observed
  • Quite narrow viewing angles

3. Samsung Q60A

Best TV under $1000

Current Price

Without a doubt, the Samsung – 55″ Q60A QLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV is one of the most captivating television. You’ll love its simplistic beauty and intuitive design, which lets you concentrate just on the magnificent image. Quantum Dot technology and Color Volume produce one of the best TV images we’ve ever seen.

It transforms light into a stunning colour that remains true at any brightness level. In addition, the Dual LED with unique backlighting technology produces a dramatic and realistic contrast. Quantum HDR further enhances detail and contrast, allowing you to appreciate the power of each image fully. The dynamic tone mapping results in deeper blacks, more colourful pictures, and always-visible detail.

Sound is optimized for viewing conditions thanks to Samsung’s strong processor. The Motion Xcelerator adapts to content automatically, resulting in a crisper image with smoother and quicker performance. This television comes with an Adjustable Stand that allows you to adjust the height and spacing between your TV stand as needed without having to worry about running out of space.

It’s also the perfect stand for your soundbar. Samsung is one of the most well-known and renowned brands globally, offering HD resolution and excellent sound quality at an affordable price. Choosing this famous brand is a wise decision.


  • Attractive design
  • Offers low lag
  • Impressive picture quality


  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Uniformity issues


TCL 65 5-Series

Current Price

TCL’s 5-Series Smart QLED TV offers a fantastic home theatre experience by combining high image quality with infinite entertainment options. Quantum Dot technology and Dolby Vision work together to provide increased brightness and contrast and a wide range of vibrant colours.

Your home theatre will be fashionable and classy thanks to the dark finish, slender profile, and angular silver feet. Image contrast is tuned across specific zones to generate highly localized areas of the dramatic difference between different colours of the image, giving it an unparalleled sense of depth and authenticity. It’s ready to play, and Auto Game Mode recognizes when a video game is being played and instantly switches to Game Mode for the smoothest action, lowest latency, and optimal visual settings for gaming.

Because timing is critical in 4K games, this substantially enhances your experience. It’s ready to play, and Auto Game Mode detects when you’re playing a video game and automatically switches to Game Mode for the smoothest action, lowest latency, and best visual settings for gaming.

Because timing is essential in 4K games, this significantly improves your experience. The TCL TV provides HD resolution and outstanding sound quality at a reasonable price. It was a brilliant idea to pair this fantastic television with it.


  • Offers numerous connectivity ports
  • Impressive picture quality
  • Roku-enabled


  • Average colour palette
  • Average sound

5. Samsung TU7000

Samsung 65 inches TU7000 TV

Current Price

The sleek, minimalistic design of the Samsung 65″ TU7000 4K Ultra HD HDR TV transports you to a purely cinematic experience, allowing you to focus on the image rather than the television. You use a single remote to control your TV and compatible devices, identifying your other gadgets as soon as you connect them.

The High-Dynamic Range of the television allows you to see remarkable detail in every scenario, while Crystal Display provides vivid colour, superior image performance, and immersive watching. The Crystal Processor 4K in the TU7000 employs a single chip to orchestrate colour, increase contrast, master HDR, and High-Dynamic Range, letting you see incredible detail in every scene.

This television adjusts the volume automatically to match the content you’re watching. It works with several voice assistants, allowing you to quickly find and watch your favourite movies and control your smart TV and other connected devices by simply speaking.

The TU7000 is an excellent value television that provides adequate performance for the money; moreover, everything about this television is outstanding, from the crisp display to the image and sound quality.


  • Good contrast ratio
  • No uniformity issues
  • Optimal response time


  • Average brightness levels
  • Does not support VRR

6. Hisense 65U68G

Hisense 65U68G TV

Current Price

Inside and out, the Hisense 65U68G- 65″ Smart 4K ULEDTM Android TV proves to be in the best class of 4k TVs. Hisense’s ruled technology concentrates on the most critical aspects of image quality by employing advanced methods to alter your entertainment. In contrast, quantum dot technology brings joy to life with billions of colours.

Its technology allows for the precise expression of over a billion colour combinations. With the U68G Series Android Smart TV, it’s easy to feel connected to what’s real while still enjoying fantastic entertainment. The combination of Dolby Vision and image, as well as Dolby Atmos sound, turns your TV into a multimedia powerhouse.

These cinematic pictures and sound technologies have been brought together in the home, resulting in incredible realism that you’ll see. The overall image quality is brighter, and the high dynamic range is crisper, with richer highlights. The brightness of the TV’s display may be increased, resulting in a better HDR experience.

You can cast photographs, movies, and music from your smartphone or tablet to your large screen using Chromecast, incorporated into Android TV. You can view over 400,000 TV series, movies, and popular applications like Disney+, Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, and others on the Android TV innovative platform. It is the best television available for the money.


  • Great contrast
  • Decent reflection handling
  • Offers numerous streaming apps


  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Ads on smart interface

7. LG 65UP7000 65 inches TV

LG 43UP7000

Current Price

Whether it’s a movie now, your favourite shows tomorrow, or sports on the weekend, this LG 4K TV will always deliver a stunning picture and is the Best TV Under $1000 on our list. The processor on the television creates an image that is as beautiful as the content you like and the level of detail has significantly increased, the colours are vivid, and the skin tones appear natural.

Because the contrast is so high, you’ll be able to see every detail. Blurs are reduced and details are sharpened thanks to TruMotion 120 and Quad-Core technology. With only one button, you may get outstanding visual quality and a simple icon-based interface. 

The HDR video you watch will be stunning in both appearance and sound. You’ll get a visual that is true to the director’s original intentions, as well as a sound that is both spacious and clear. In general, the Bluetooth speaker is excellent and well worth the money.


  • Handles reflection well
  • Low input lag
  • Wide viewing angles


  • Low contrast ratio
  • Lacks local dimming feature

FAQs about the best TV under $1000

Which is the best TV under $1000?

The Samsung Q60B is one of the best TV under $1000 because it offers an immersive picture quality and efficiently upscale low-resolution content.

Which are the top 5 TVs under $1000?

These are the top 5 TVs under $1000:
1. Samsung Q60B
2. Sony X85J TV
3. Samsung Q60A
5. Samsung TU7000

Which TV can be used for gaming?

A TV which offers a high frame rate, low input lag and VRR support can be used for gaming.

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