3 Best Gaming laptops under $700 in Canada (2023)

If you have a budget of up to $700 and are looking forward to purchasing a gaming laptop, you may not easily find a good one as the market offers a limited choice of budget gaming laptops which are worth purchasing. But to grease the wheels for you, we have come up with the best gaming laptops under $700 which are budget-friendly and offer a great gaming performance too.

With impressive processors and dedicated graphics, you are surely going to love gaming on the gaming laptops that we have featured in this write as they are better than most of the laptops that fall in this price range. Let’s move on and learn more about them. In addition to this, you may also like to know about the Best Gaming Laptops under $500.

How we picked the best gaming laptops under $700

To pick up the best gaming laptops under $700, we examined them for a number of features which determine the overall performance of a gaming laptop and must be taken into consideration by anyone who is up for buying a gaming laptop. Let’s get into some quick details about these features.


The performance of a gaming laptop depends on the type of processor it is equipped with. For a budget gaming laptop, prefer a processor from the Intel Core i5 series or an AMD Ryzen 5 series. Besides, choose a gaming laptop which offers more RAM. It will help you experience a lag-free performance while you play games on your gaming laptop.


Choosing the right graphics is important to ensure screen blurring, tearing and stuttering are kept at bay. Budget gaming laptops often feature integrated graphics, but you can still get the chance of getting your hands on dedicated graphics. Even if they are entry-level, they are still a better choice than the integrated ones


The display of a gaming laptop can be considered good if it offers a high refresh rate. High refresh rates are required for supporting your graphics and minimising screen blurring and lagging. Besides, the display must also be checked for colours and contrast. Also make sure that the display of your gaming laptop offers good peak brightness levels.


Most gaming laptops will not offer you an extended battery backup as gaming consumes a lot of power. But one should make sure that the gaming laptop offers at least 5 to 6 hours of battery backup. In addition to that, also check whether the gaming laptop supports fast charging or not.

Other features:

Make sure that the gaming laptop you purchase offers good connectivity options like numerous ports and the latest versions of Bluetooth and Wifi. Check for the build quality of the laptop and ensure that the keyboard and trackpad are easily accessible and responsive. Webcam and fingerprint sensor are other features to look for.

These are the best gaming laptops under $700

Acer Nitro 58GB 512GB SSDIntel Core i5-11400HGTX 1650Current Price
Asus TUF Gaming A158GB512GB SSDAMD Ryzen 5 4600HGTX 1650Current Price
Lenovo Ideapad 3 8GB256GB SSDAMD Ryzen 5 5500UAMD Integrated GraphicsCurrent Price

1. Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5

Current Price

For a budget gaming laptop, the Acer Nitro 5 is one of the best choices. Through its Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor, this gaming laptop is going to impress you with its performance. Further, the GTX 1650 graphics are, no doubt, better than integrated graphics which are usually featured in budget gaming laptops. The 8GB RAM supports lag-free gaming and the 512GB storage lets you store a number of your favourite games on it.


  • Features a good processor.
  • Offers expandable storage.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Offers a red backlit keyboard.


  • Lacks some useful ports.
  • Latest Wifi 6E is not featured.


Display:15.6 inches FHD
CPU:Intel Core i5-11400H
GPU:GTX 1650
Storage:512GB SSD
Weight:3.34 Kg

2. Asus TUF Gaming A15

Asus TUF Gaming A15

Current Price

The best gaming laptops under $600 also include the Asus TUF Gaming A15. This gaming laptop features a powerful processor from Ryzen 5 series. 512GB of storage capacity and 8GB of RAM is offered which let you load your games after and play them with minimal lag. Moreover, to make the graphics appear realistic, it comes with a dedicated GTX 1650 graphics card. Besides, a high refresh rate of 144Hz is also offered.


  • Strong processor.
  • High refresh rate.
  • Orange backlit keyboard.
  • Lightweight.


  • Average battery backup.
  • Mediocre build quality.


Display:14 inches FHD
CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 4600H
GPU:GTX 1650
Weight:1.57 Kg

3. Lenovo Ideapad 3

Best Gaming laptops under $700

Current Price

The Lenovo Ideapad 3 can also be considered a good gaming laptop if you are low on budget. This gaming laptop features a strong processor from Ryzenn 5 series which when coupled with the 8GB RAM offers optimal gaming performance. However, you do not get dedicated graphics on this gaming laptop. But the build quality, battery backup and quick-charging features of this gaming laptop are appreciable.


  • Strong processor and good RAM.
  • Offers quick charging.
  • Well-build.


  • No dedicated graphics.
  • Low storage.


Display:15.6 inches FHD
CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
GPU:AMD Integrated Graphics
Weight:2.38 Kg

FAQs about the best gaming laptops under $700

Which are the best gaming laptops under $700?

The Nitro 5 from Acer, the TUF Gaming A15 from Asus and the Ideapad 3 from Lenovo are some of the best gaming laptops under $700.

Are GTX 1650 graphics good for gaming?

Although GTX 1650 are one of the entry-level dedicated graphics, but they are still far better than integrated graphics usually offered on budget gaming laptops.

What is the average battery backup of a gaming laptop?

Since gaming laptops are subjected to heavy use, they offer an average battery backup of around 4 hours which is quite lower than that offered by regular laptops.

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