Best Wireless Earbuds under $80 in Canada

If you want the luxury flexibility of truly wireless earbuds without spending a lot of money, you’re in luck because through this article, I am going to tell you some of the best wireless earbuds under $80. However, $80 is a reasonable price for an excellent pair of Bluetooth earphones. The average price of these little buds has dropped substantially in recent years, but the quality has only improved, thanks to technological advancements and more brand competition. On a tight budget, finding a quality pair of truly wireless earphones could be challenging.

They’re perfect for listening to music, podcasts, and watching movies thanks to their amazing features, good audio performance, sturdy build quality, and extended battery life. As a result, these earbuds are a smart investment for you. Let’s get started with the list. You might also like Best Earbuds under $150

Best Wireless Earbuds under $80 list

  • Skullcandy Push Active
  • SoundPEATS T3
  • Anker Soundcore Life P2
  • SoundPEATS Air3
  • Skullcandy Indy Evo

1. Skullcandy Push Active

Best Wireless Earbuds under $80

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The Skullcandy Push Active are the best wireless earbuds under $80. They are everything you’ve ever wanted in an earpiece. They’re more durable and have longer battery life. The earbuds feature a total battery life of 44 hours, as well as fast battery life. Because of their comfortable fit and lightweight construction, you won’t grow tired of listening for long periods of time with these ergonomic headphones.

Their compact, light earbuds are available in a variety of sizes to fit different people’s needs, improving music immersion while reducing background noise. Thanks to its IPX8 Waterproof protection with Nano-coating, our wireless earbuds and charging case are effectively protected from rain, sweat, and water splashes, so there’s no need to be concerned about rain, perspiration, or water splashes.

2. SoundPEATS T3

Best Wireless Earbuds under $80

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The SoundPEATS T3 Earbuds are the 2nd best wireless earbuds under $80 on our list. They may appeal to anyone looking for the most inexpensive wireless earbuds with a sporty twist. These earbuds include a cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.2 chip and are distinguished by their rapid and robust connectivity, as well as the exceptionally minimal audio delay between your device. When the charging case is opened and Bluetooth is turned on on your device, the earphones will automatically enter Pairing mode if you have previously paired them with your device. You can listen to whatever you want at a suitable volume while still being aware of your surroundings if you switch to Transparency mode.

3. Anker Soundcore Life P2

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Under $80, the Anker Soundcore wireless earbuds are the third-best earbuds. The earbuds provide 7 hours of listening time on a single charge, and the charging case extends that to 40 hours. When you’re in a hurry for energy, charge for 10 minutes and receive up to an hour of playtime. It produces music with a larger soundstage, greater precision, and greater clarity. It incorporates BassUp technology, which boosts the low end by up to 43%. It’s perfect for the home office, and the microphones pick up your voice, ensuring that you’re heard well during phone conversations and online meetings.

4. SoundPEATS Air3

SoundPEATS Air3

Current Price

SoundPEATS Air3 Wireless Earbuds are another best wireless earbuds under $80. The Air3 wireless earphones have a 14.2mm bio-compound diaphragm driver inside to provide a wide sound field and perfectly parse the subtleties, allowing you to appreciate the amazingly lovely notes.

To ensure a flawless connection and ultra-low battery consumption, the wireless earbuds use a powerful Qualcomm QCC3040 chip with Bluetooth 5.2 and TrueWireless Mirroring technology. It supports game mode with industry-leading technology that achieves audio and video synchronisation with latency as low as 60ms for the earphones and 80ms for the full link.

5. Skullcandy Indy Evo

Skullcandy Indy Evo

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Finally, we’ve included the finest earbud under 80 dollars, the Skullcandy Indy Evo. The cordless and hands-free experience is provided by these truly wireless earphones. It has a comfortable fit and is comfortable to wear while working out or running. You can listen to music for 30 hours on the road thanks to the portable charging case and ergonomic Premium quality lithium accumulator.

Furthermore, the IPX7 waterproof build of the earbuds makes them excellent for sports. There will be no tangled wires to annoy you, and you will be able to exercise for longer lengths of time without having to use your hands. It’s a thing worth loving and appreciating, and it’s worth investing in.


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