3 Best Monitors under $100 in Canada (2023)

If you have a low budget and you are afraid that you won’t be able to purchase a good monitor, then we are here to prove you wrong. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the best monitors under $100 that offer an appreciable performance, regardless of being low-budget. You can surely expect the best features on these monitors for the price they are being offered to you.

Not only do these monitors offer a high resolution and decent refresh rates for an immersive viewing experience, but they also feature eye-safety features to keep your eyes relaxed even when you have to work for extended time periods. Let’s get into quick details about the best monitors under $100 and how we picked them. You may also like reading about the Best TV under $300.

How we picked the best monitors under $100

As already mentioned, we have picked those monitors that offer a high resolution, suitable refresh rates, and eye-protection features, let us now explain briefly these features along with some others which are essential to know before buying a monitor.

Resolution and Panel Type:

The resolution of a monitor determines the clarity of pictures reproduced by a monitor. A Full HD resolution must be preferred even if you are buying a budget monitor. A monitor featuring a VA panel is not a bad option as it offers deeper blacks and better contrast.

Refresh rate and Response time:

Even if the colors and contrast reproduced by a monitor are exceptional, it may be of little use if the monitor is prone to blurring and stuttering. In order to avoid such disturbances, make sure the monitor offers a high refresh rate and a low response time.


To enhance comfort, the monitor you purchase should offer you adjustment options. This will let you position the monitor conveniently. Moreover, you should take care that the monitor comes with technologies that are friendly to the eyes.

These are the best monitors under $100 in Canada

MonitorScreen SizeResolutionResponse TimePrice
SANSUI ‎ES-22F122-inchFull HD6.5msCurrent Price
KOORUI 22N122-inchFull HD6msCurrent Price
ASUS VA249HE23.8-inchFull HD5msCurrent Price

1. SANSUI ‎ES-22F1


Current Price

One of the best monitors under $100 is the Sansui ES-22F1. This monitor features an attractive look as it is lined by thin bezels. Not only does it have a great look, but it also delivers a precise and vivid picture output, thanks to the Full HD resolution. The maximum refresh rate of this monitor is 75Hz which lets you experience blur-free visuals. For enhanced comfort, eye-friendly features and tilt adjustments are provided.


  • Accurate picture output.
  • Decent refresh rate.
  • Comes with thin bezels.
  • Offers eye-care features.


  • Average response time.


Screen Size22-inch
ResolutionFull HD
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Rate6.5ms

2. KOORUI 22N1


Current Price

The Koorui 22N1 is also one of the best monitors under $100. This monitor offers a 1080p resolution for the clarity of pictures and the contrast ratio is appreciable, thanks to the VA panel. This monitor comes with anti-flicker technology and emits low blue light. For eliminating blurring, a reasonable refresh rate of 75Hz is offered. Featuring thin bezels, this monitor supports multiple screen connections.


  • Clear picture quality.
  • Decent refresh rate.
  • Provides eye-care features.
  • Features thin bezels.


  • Average contrast and brightness.
  • Flimsy build.


Screen Size22-inch
ResolutionFull HD
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Rate6ms


Best Monitors under $100

Current Price

You can also purchase the ASUS VA249HE as it is one of the best monitors under $100. While being affordable, it offers features like a Full HD resolution, a good refresh rate, and a comparatively short response time. Moreover, it is also equipped with features for eye protection like anti-flicker and anti-glare technologies as well as reduced blue light emission. For inputs, it comes with an HDMI and a VGA port.


  • Features a Full HD IPS panel.
  • Short response time.
  • Features Adaptive-Sync technology.
  • Enhanced eye-care features.


  • Only tilt adjustment is offered.
  • Average refresh rate.


Screen Size23.8-inch
ResolutionFull HD
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Rate5ms

FAQs about the best monitors under $100

Which are the best monitors under $100?

The SANSUI ‎ES-22F1, the KOORUI 22N1, and the ASUS VA249HE offer great picture quality and are some of the best monitors under $100.

What adjustment options are usually offered on budget monitors?

Entry-level monitors usually do not feature a lot of adjustment options but make sure that tilt adjustment is offered at least.

What are a good refresh rate and response time for a budget monitor?

For a budget monitor, a 75Hz refresh rate is optimal where as the response time should not be more than 5 or 6 ms.

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