3 Best Gaming Monitors under $200 in Canada (2023)

You just landed at the right place if you are looking for the best gaming monitors under $200. If you are a great one for gaming, a regular monitor may not meet your requirements. Gaming requires a monitor which offers a clear and colourful picture quality as well as matches the frame rate offered by the graphics card you are using in order to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering.

The monitors we have brought to you through this article about the best gaming monitors under $200 offer a decent resolution, a high refresh rate coupled with VRR support and a low response time which make them apt for gaming. Let’s know more about these monitors. In case you are looking for regular monitors of the same price, you may like reading about the Best Monitors under $200.

How we picked the best gaming monitors under $200

To pick the best gaming monitors under $200, we not only checked for the image quality of the gaming monitors but also made sure that the refresh rate and the response time offered are good enough to let you experience a smooth gaming experience. Let’s get into some quick details of these features.


Since higher resolutions offer more pixel density, gaming monitors with more resolution offer a crisp, clear and accurate picture output. For a gaming monitor which costs less than $200, a Full HD resolution is recommended for more detailed picture output.

Refresh Rate:

One of the most important features that you must look for before purchasing a gaming monitor is its refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate, least lagging will be observed by you. Also, check whether a Variable Refresh Rate is being offered or not.

Response Time:

Gaming monitors must feature a low response time to keep the colour consistency maintained while your video plays over it. A response time of less than 4ms is recommended whereas a 1ms response time is exceptional and will completely eliminate blurring.


Since gaming sessions can get very long, you need to make sure that the gaming monitor you select is ergonomic. It must give you the flexibility to adjust its position and it must offer features to keep the eyes away from straining. Curved displays are ergonomically better.

These are the best gaming monitors under $200 in Canada

MonitorScreen SizeResolutionResponse TimePrice
ASUS TUF VG24VQE23.6-inchFull HD1msCurrent Price
LG 27GQ50F-B27-inchFull HD1msCurrent Price
MSI Optix G241VC24-inchFull HD1msCurrent Price



Current Price

The Asus Tuf VG24VQE tops our list of the best gaming monitors under $200.All features offered by this gaming monitor are praise-worthy which include a Full HD resolution, a low 1ms response time, a high 165Hz refresh rate and so on. Moreover, it also supports FreeSync for an unmatched gaming experience. Featuring a curved display and eye-safety features like blue-light filter and anti-flicker, this monitor offers comfortable viewing. The adjustment options offered on this gaming monitor are also up to the mark.


  • Curved Full HD display.
  • Great refresh rate and response time.
  • Inputs include two HDMI 1.4.
  • Ergonomic.


  • No USB inputs offered.


Screen Size23.6-inch
ResolutionFull HD
Refresh Rate165Hz
Response Rate1ms

2. LG 27GQ50F-B

LG 27GQ50F-B

Current Price

The LG 27GQ50F-B is the next gaming monitor on our list of the best gaming monitors under $200. This gaming monitor comes with a VA panel to offer deeper blacks and with a Full HD resolution, you get a more detailed picture quality. To keep screen tearing and blurring at bay, a high refresh rate and a low response time are offered on this gaming monitor. Moreover, technologies like FreeSync, Motion Blur Reduction and Dynamic Action Sync are supported by it to take your gaming experience to the next level.


  • Accurate picture output.
  • Reduced blurring and stuttering.
  • Offers eye-care features.


  • Does not offer an IPS panel.
  • Poor physical controls.


Screen Size27-inch
ResolutionFull HD
Refresh Rate165Hz
Response Rate1ms

3. MSI Optix G241VC

Best Gaming Monitors under $200

Current Price

The MSI Optix G241VC also offers a decent gaming performance and is one of the best gaming monitors under $200. This gaming monitor features a curved anti-glare display which offers a pixel density of 1080p. This gaming monitor offers a refresh rate of 75Hz which is adequate for regular gaming but some of its competitors offer better refresh rates. But the AdaptiveSync technology eliminates lagging and lets you experience a smooth gaming experience. The ports offered include a VGA port and an HDMI port.


  • Clear picture quality.
  • Features a curved panel.
  • Has FreeSync support.


  • Average refresh rate.
  • Lacks USB port and 3.5mm jack.


Screen Size24-inch
ResolutionFull HD
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Rate1ms

FAQs about the best gaming monitors under $200

Which are the best gaming monitors under $200?

Some of the best gaming monitors under $200 include the ASUS TUF VG24VQE, the LG 27GQ50F-B and the MSI Optix G241VC.

Which features of a monitor are essential for smooth gameplay?

If you want to experience smooth gameplay, make sure that the gaming monitor you purchase offers a low response time and a high refresh rate. Also, check for the VRR technology and make sure that the gaming monitor is ergonomic.

Which gaming monitors under $200 offer a curved display?

If you are looking for curved gaming monitors under $200, you can go for choosing the ASUS TUF VG24VQE or the MSI Optix G241VC.

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