Best Gaming Headsets under $60

Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets under $60 in Canada

If you are planning to buy a gaming headset under $60 then this article will help you choose the best gaming headset for a budget of $60 in Canada. I selected some of the best gaming headsets under $60 after analyzing numerous gaming headsets. To make this list more unique and honest, I also read customers’ reviews and ratings. I have also covered the list of best gaming headsets under $70 in Canada, you can visit this article if you want to see the best gaming headsets for a budget of $70 in Canada.

Best gaming headsets under $60 at a glance

Headphones NameBuying Guide
Stynice GH-2 Gaming HeadsetBuy from Amazon
Razer BlackShark V2 XBuy from Amazon
JBL Quantum 100Buy from Amazon
OneOdio A71Buy from Amazon
Logitech G432Buy from Amazon

Best gaming headsets under $60

1. Stynice GH-2 Gaming Headset

Best Gaming Headsets under $60

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The Stynice GH-2 takes the number 1 spot on our list of best gaming headphones under $60 in Canada. These headphones feature a 50 mm neodymium magnet speaker that provides great sound quality. A 50 mm neodymium magnet speaker is better than compared with a 40 mm driver in sound details.

You will also enjoy music songs with clear and very powerful bass. This headset has a powerful bass effect which increases our experience with these gaming headphones. You will easily be able to locate the enemies by hearing their activities such as footsteps and gun loading.

These earphones are very comfortable; The earmuff of this gaming headset is made of a very soft memory sponge and leather. You can spend long hours playing games with these headphones. The headphones have a 120-degree swing arm which is flexible and simple to rotate. They can be easily adjusted and are capable of recording your voice from any angle. The noise reduction function works great and stops outside noise coming from users’ surroundings

2. Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset

Best Gaming Headsets under $60

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With the Razer BlackShark V2 X, you can appreciate the sound of esports with a triple threat of great audio, superior mic clarity, and superb sound seclusion. Your competitive play is bound to play professionally with our greatest headset mic and audio drivers packed inside a distinctive aviation-style headphone.

With a weight of 240g, the Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset has stronger headband padding and leatherette with memory foam ear cushions. these headphones Closed earcups and comfortable cushions block out noise for better sound isolation. It has brighter, clearer sounds with richer highs and more powerful lows thanks to a cutting-edge unique design. The Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset is equipped with cutting-edge 50mm speakers that are divided into three pieces for individual highs, mids, and lows tuning.

The BlackShark V2X was designed from the ground up to be as comfortable as possible. The headphones are great. Trademark is a precision and realism headset that helps you boost your productivity and get a strategic advantage. The flexible mic on this lightweight esports headset, the BlackShark V2X, has an enhanced microphone housing that adopts a more open design for minimal obstruction—resulting in improved clarity for a closer recreation of your voice.

Nevertheless, at this price, these headphones are one of the better options. The headsets are effective in blocking out external noise when on the phone. I’d recommend it for gaming in particular because it’s quite light on the head and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable after wearing it for lengthy periods of time.

3. JBL Quantum 100 Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset

Best Gaming headphones under $60

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JBL Quantum 100 Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset makes every scene spectacular and every player more aggressive, from the tiniest footsteps to the biggest explosion. For a competitive advantage in any conflict, a distinctive soundtrack creates the most realistic soundscape. The memory foam ear cushions and lightweight headband were created for even the longest gaming sessions. With the JBL Quantum 100 headset, you can clearly motivate your troops and opponents. The voice focus directional boom mic is removable and has mute capabilities.

The JBL Quantum 100 headset is made to work with the native surround sound system found in Windows 10 PCs and Xbox ONE consoles. The JBL Quantum 100 gaming headset includes a retractable boom microphone featuring echo cancellation technology, which allows players to concentrate on their colleagues’ voices rather than ambient noise for crystal clear conversation.

It has neodymium drivers for audio, which produce a distinctive sound. Every single voice, whether it’s footsteps or gunfire, can be heard. The JBL does not have a removable microphone; nevertheless, you may mute or unmute the microphone by flipping it up and down.

Transform your game into a major event. The JBL Quantum 100 headset puts you in the middle of the action with the JBL QuantumSOUND Signature. Own the game with an immersive and accurate sound that lets you hear the smallest details and feel every explosion, as well as a voice-focus detachable boom mic for clear communication and lightweight, memory-foam comfort. The detachable boom mic allows for clear multiplayer discussions, and the memory foam cushions allow you to play for hours in comfort. The JBL Quantum 100 headset will enhance your gaming experience.

4. OneOdio A71 Wired Over-Ear Headphones

OneOdio A71

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The OneOdio A71 headphones are a sleek but large pair of headphones. The headphones are pretty huge and protrude quite a bit. Although they don’t have the same luxury feel like some of their more expensive counterparts, they appear to be well-made and durable. Because of the high-quality cushioning utilized on the ear pads and headband, the comfort levels are excellent.

The headphones are upgraded to a premium headset with an omnidirectional flexible boom mic for gaming, business, podcasting, and accepting calls on the road. Better pick up your voice so you can have a clear conversation with people at the office, at home, or at a meeting. Magnetic neodymium driver with a diameter of 40mm. Every intense sub-bass note is picked up at the 20 Hz low end of the frequency spectrum, whereas at the 20 kHz high end.

The OneOdio A71 Wired Over-Ear Headphones include 90-degree swivelling earcups for single-ear monitoring at any moment, as well as professional-grade earpad and headband material for increased durability and strength. Close-back headphones with a pouch, a standard-sized 6.35mm plug, a 3.5mm connector, and a 3.5mm splitter cable adaptor are included in the OneOdio A71 Wired Over-Ear Headphones. All devices having a 3.5 or 6.35 audio jack, such as smartphones, laptops, PCs, PS4, Xbox One, AMPs, electric guitars/pianos/drums, and so on, are compatible.

The A71 headphones deliver excellent sound quality that is perfectly balanced. The bass in Bags Full of Bass is powerful and distortion-free. A fantastic mid-range performance is offered, with tunes that are totally accurate. You’ve finally found the headphones you’ve been searching for

5. Logitech G432 Gaming headset

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For a gaming headset, the Logitech G432 boasts a rather precise frequency response. There’s a slight over-emphasis in the bass region, and a consistent, albeit minor, de-emphasis in the mid-and high-frequency ranges. In the big scheme of things, though, nothing seems out of place.

Advanced Soundscape technology has been added to the Logitech G G432 7. 1 surround sound gaming headset. Enjoy the complete cinematic experience of your favorite games by hearing adversaries coming up behind you, Sense Airstrikes, or special-ability cues. With rotating sports-performance ear cups, a big 6 mm flip-to-mute Mic, and simple multi-platform compatibility, it’s thin and lightweight. The Logitech G432 is a wired gaming headphone that uses a 3.5mm TRRS connection to connect.

The Logitech G432 is a wired gaming headset that uses a 3.5mm TRRS connection to connect. Everything about these headphones is designed to make you feel good. Combine the Logitech G432 Gaming Headset with a Logitech G mouse, keyboard, and other accessories for a full gaming setup that offers advanced features and next-generation efficiency.

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